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Ed Rollings - Senior Consultant


I am a railway system’s engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the railway industry in all aspects of signal and level crossing engineering.  Expertise ranges from the application of modern computer-based systems through to legacy technologies.  Areas of specialism include; change management of engineering systems, asset condition and whole of life management, engineering system safety performance review, competence regime review/development, and engineering process/standards compliance review.  I’ve held senior positions in an operational railway environment with both engineering and management responsibilities.

I hold Chartered Engineer registration along with a Master’s degree in railway systems engineering. My strengths lie in systematic analysis of complex issues to allow pragmatic solutions to be developed. I have extensive experience in requirements capture, standards development and compliance review.      

Experience Summary

Railway Operations

As Signalling Engineer for a large area of central England I was responsible for providing technical direction and setting standards for the maintenance of signalling and level crossing systems and equipment within a corporate framework, providing senior level ‘on-call’ support for complex failures and incidents.  Overseeing investigations into failures and incidents, ensuring lessons learned were adopted.  Working with Operators (users) to identify and implement programmes of work to improve all aspects of performance and efficiency.  All these activities required significant influencing of the broader management organisation and front-line staff.  Particular success was achieved in moving from a cyclic based maintenance regime to a reliability and risk-based regime.

Act as responsible signatory for accepting changes to asset systems, including review of safety submissions.  Development of Business Plans for renewal and enhancement.  Through a team of 20 engineers, carrying out regular assessment of asset condition and maintainers compliance with process and standards.   

Projects & Engineering

As Engineering Manager, ensuring the appropriate resources were in place to deliver pilot deployment and further development of European Train Control System.  As leader of a team of specialists advise on technology selection for future rail traffic management systems procurement including specification, procurement criteria and Tender evaluation.

As Professional Head Signal and Level Crossings Engineering responsible for setting policy and strategic direction for management and development of the asset base.  Lead negotiation with the Regulator on objectives and funding of renewal and enhancement of technology.  Represent company interests on UK and international standards bodies.  Specifically represented GB interests on European Committee developing the ETCS Specifications.  Oversee technical investigations to ensure value and benefit obtained.  Lead and direct the strategy for renewals in the Midlands resulting in the progressive elimination of legacy technologies and rationalisation of the required skills and spares base.

Acted as ‘Technical Client’ for the signalling element of the upgrade of Britain’s main trunk route between London and Scotland, dealing with deviations from historic standards and supporting innovation to introduce modern systems.      

Safety & Assurance

Acted as Technical Authority for acceptance of signalling infrastructure changes within the wider Midlands geographic area, scrutinise project submissions for robustness and completeness.  Confirm that appropriate engineering safety management processes were applied and outcomes acted upon. Specifically monitor that risk controls owned and implemented.

As Chair, lead System Review Panels and technical specialists to undertake evaluation of new and modified products for acceptance into operational infrastructure.  Identify emerging risks, (e.g., cyber threats, security) and ensure acceptance requirements remain valid and proportional.  Use a range of tools and techniques to establish that comprehensive engineering safety arguments were in place and robust.  Authorise certificates of approval and recommend conditions/constraints to enable successful deployment by local management units.  

Training & Development

As lead technical expert for acceptance, ensure that supporting technical documentation and competence standards were prepared and training was available to users, maintainers and managers.  Identify changes to organisation structure to optimise safe and efficient management of equipment/systems.  Approve the technical content of training material.  Supporting the ongoing professional technical development of engineers through voluntary input to the professional institutions, particularly the IRSE. Acted as Mentor to Graduate Trainees/C.Eng. registrants.    

Change Management

As a Project Manager, responsible for establishing an appropriate organisation and supporting processes, procedures and contracts to undertake management of the privatised infrastructure on its novation from British Rail.  This required innovative thinking and extensive consultation and engagement to ensure a smooth transition.

As Professional Head, undertake regular review of organisation, competence and resourcing arrangements to ensure that organisation capability aligned with technology and business changes.  Identifying and implementing organisation change to ensure sustainable technical capability.

Provide advice on changes necessary to return outsourced maintenance activity to direct management and lead the development of changes.