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Alex Hadnum - Rail Operations Specialist

A career railwayman of more than 40 years I have considerable experience in delivering operational solutions for both front line teams and as a key project interface.  My railway control room experiences have given me an in-depth understanding of operational requirements with an excellent knowledge of rules and regulations.  My time leading for operations within the industry on all matters of automatic route setting (ARS) has given me the specialist skills to excel in this area of train control.  Having worked in both operations and projects I can appreciate both sides which enables me to find common ground as an effective operations/project interface consultant. 

I pride myself on my pragmatic, no nonsense approach to problem solving, being able to find acceptable solutions when options are limited, and time is constrained.  I work well with teams and have established a network of trusted contacts within the rail industry, exploiting my ability to form good working relationships.


Railway Operations

Most recently provided operational support in developing a HAZARD log in line with the Common Safety Method (CSM) process.  Worked with the CSM team to bring the HAZARD log into compliance and gained client buy-in to the regular review/input and update of the HAZARD log.

Worked on a rail electrical assets project as a consultant, provide project support, guidance and insight on operational requirements.

Engaged as a consultant to cover the Senior Duty Control Room Manager position for the Crossrail West Control based in Swindon.  Involved in the planning and recording procedures for project related possessions including managing and recording of project related haulage and leading investigations into possession irregularities.  Monitored and recorded all aspects of project related work including lost work recording and reporting of incidents.  Worked closely with Western Route Control to protect Project costs and assets.

Earlier in my career I covered a number of control room positions including, Duty Control Manager Birmingham, Section Controller, Senior Train Running Controller and DCC Crewe Divisional Control.  These roles gave me a solid grounding in railway operations requiring excellent knowledge of rules, regulations and application of railway standards.  As a Sectional Controller I specialised in incident management using TOPS, CCF, Touch Screen facilities.  These roles also gave me experience working with senior management and third parties outside the Industry. 

I started my career in Train Crew and Station Supervisory Posts covering Stoke–on–Trent, Harrow & Wealdstone, Watford Junction and Stafford.  These roles gave me experience in the practical working of trains.

Projects and Engineering

A significant achievement in my career was becoming the National Advisor to the industry on all aspects of automatic route setting on behalf of the NR HQ Operations team with an annual budget management of >£1m.

  • TMS advisor as part of the ARS Steering group.
  • Management and development of Signallers simulation and Level Crossing training tools.
  • Support the operations teams to develop appropriate operational instructions.
  • Work closely with Project Engineers and undertake standards reviews to ensure that the product was compliant with NR standards and that the criteria for product approval was being met.
  • Approve and co-ordinate Operational Requirement Specification workshops.
  • Attend project meetings to monitor progress against plan.
  • Work closely with the core suppliers to provide support and advice on product development.
  • Supported the Supplier/Operations and project teams on the successful introduction of ARS+ & SARS enhancements across the Routes.
  • Led the process for the introduction of TTP2 and WACI across all IECC areas.

As the National Seasons Programme Specialist, I dealt with all forms of seasonal mitigation work across the network.  As part of this role I led the process for the introduction of traction gel to be applied at 60 MPH, introduced the national forecast degree warning process to operators and brought in the Eddy Current device to the network as a contamination measurement tool.  It also involved me in updating associated standards in line with new methods of working.

As Operations Process Manager I worked on the introduction of automatic route setting (ARS) on WCML.  This gave me the opportunity to spend time periodically working in Pittsburgh USA as an Operations advisor.  Responsible for writing the operating requirements for the operation of the ARS, working closely with the signal engineering interface of the project.